So What’s Fusion Up To?

As most of you PRSSA members already know our Fusion board is taking on big clients this year and all 3 of our Account Executives are excited about what’s to come this year. Here’s a snapshot of their clients… If you’d like to get involved in any of these clients feel free to hop on board with the committee and talk to the lead account executive your interest!

Homegrown Lacrosse, founded in 2004 by four Twin Cities natives, is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting the sport of lacrosse in the state of Minnesota.  Homegrown’s mission is to build a community that inspires and empowers youth to excel in life and lacrosse.  To accomplish these goals the organization uses a wide-variety of service and fee-based programming that is designed to develop character, build self-confidence and instill a sense of community.

Tim Holtz (@Tim_Holtz1) is the lead account executive for HomeGrown Lacrosse.

Underthink It

Underthink It  is understated, modern-fit apparel that is meant to take the decision-making out of your clothing selection. The line is known for its sheer simplicity. From a day at the beach to a casual night out, the Underthink Itis always the easy, obvious choice for the occasion.

We are working with Kathy Bodnar this year to help her launch her brand new business, Underthink It. The group working  on Underthink It will strive to bring as much publicity to Kathy’s company as possible, and we intend on alerting appropriate local media outlets about Underthink It and also the story behind Kathy’s brand.

Liz Welle (@LWelle11) is the lead account executive for Underthink It.

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)

SAVE is one of the nation’s first organizations dedicated to the prevention of suicide. It is also a co-founding member of the National Council for Suicide Prevention. SAVE is based on the foundation and belief that suicide should no longer be considered a hidden or taboo topic, and that through raising awareness and educating the public, SAVE can save lives. PRSSA has big plans for SAVE. We want to help SAVE get its blog site up and running, enhance its Facebook and Twitter outreach, promote its various events with media relations, and set up an event at the organization featuring a lecture and book reading by grief specialist and award-winning book author Rita Goldhammer.

Shannah Henderson (@shannahend) is the lead account executive for SAVE.

This post was written by Tim Holtz, Liz Welle, and Shannah Henderson and was edited by Kelsey Darnall (@KelseyJDarnall).


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