Happy Homecoming Week!!

The Week is Finally Here — Happy Homecoming!

What are your plans for homecoming this weekend? Going to the game? Hopefully the Gophers can pull of a “W” against Nebraska, but that’s another story in itself! This year’s theme is “All that Glitters is Gold”… yet ironically the entire Greek system isn’t allowed to use actual glitter in any of their activities..

Anyways – U of M’s homecoming started all the way back in 1914 and our first official theme was “Back to Campus” to celebrate the University. Our themes throughout the 1900’s were anything from “Roman” to “Crusader” to “Hog-Tie Iowa.” Talk about old school!

Interestingly enough our homecomings have been put on hold due to national issues. From 1918-1920 the University held off homecoming celebrations due to WWII. Then again from 1970-1975 homecoming activities were strained because of the Vietnam war. The University actually stopped having a homecoming queen during these years because of the feminist movement! Lucky enough we’re all able to still celebrate homecoming although the U.S. has a lot going on overseas.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with our homecoming parade.. But our floats didn’t always look like they do today. Even more old school..

Alpha Phi’s 1923 Homecoming Parade Float

I hope everyone has a great weekend this homecoming and don’t forget what homecoming is all about: celebrating the University of Minnesota! GO GOPHS!

This post was written and edited by Kelsey Darnall (@KelseyJDarnall).


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