A Day In The Life of a Former PRSSA Member

I recently interviewed Lindsey Jablonic, a former PRSSA student and now a successful graduate from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Lindsey went into a unique career field and I hope you all find this interview beneficial!

During your time in PRSSA, what executive positions did you hold?

I was Director of Event Planning my senior year.

What valuable experience did you take in because you held an executive position in PRSSA?

I learned to delegate and how to ask for help. I like doing things my way because that way I know it’s done right, and by delegating tasks to committee members it not only alleviated a lot of my stress but also taught me that I can’t do everything by myself- it’s perfectly okay to ask for help and to be helped. This is so important when you get out of college, because you learn even more after college, and it’s what pays your bills. If you’re struggling at work and  you need help, it is so important to be able to ask for it, because you don’t get what you don’t ask for!

Since graduating, what have you found the “real working world” to be like?

The real word is challenging, rewarding, fast pasted and has a lot more free time than college. And you have a lot more money, which isn’t bad.

Where are you currently working? Do you enjoy the company?
I work for Cintas Corporation, the largest uniform provider in the country.  The company is fantastic! The culture is really what makes the company a joy to work for, and it’s also what sets us apart from our competitors. They take good care of me as well.

What is your position there?

I’m a uniform sales representative.

On a day-to-day basis, what do you tend to do for them?

Life as an outside sales rep isn’t for everyone, but I love it! I call on both current customers and look for new business. I’m only in the office ten or so hours a week, and during that time I have meetings and “phone block”, which is where you make as many phone calls as you can during four hour time blocks to set up your appointment schedule. The rest of the week I go on appointments with prospects or current customers and find their needs, wants and provide them with a Cintas solution. Yes, I sell pants, shirts, floor mats, toilet paper, soap, etc. but they’re using it, so they may as well get it from me! My job essentially is to go out every day, meet with as many people as I can, get them to like me, and show them how I can help their business. Then of course selling the products and services, making sure they’re installed properly and on time and that their weekly service is set up for success.

Has any of your experiences from PRSSA assisted you at your current employer?

I’m sure the correct answer would be “yes” but honestly, no. I had every intention of going into sales out of college, but also liked PR. I knew PR wasn’t for me, but it was fun, the people were great and I liked planning fun trips to keep me busy. I went a 13 week training program at Cintas for them to mold me into exactly the rep they wanted me to be.

If you had to give any advice to a senior student in PRSSA about graduation and working in the real world, what advice would you give?

Be prepared to work your butt off, especially in your first year. Put in the hours, ask questions, and get your career off the ground. At Cintas there is definitely a work hard, play hard mentality. You work hard during the week, meet your numbers, and enjoy your weekends. No more studying at night, or wasting your time in the library on the weekend when you should be acting your age! But more importantly, and especially in a corporate setting, it is really easy to get caught up in the corporate BS and the day to day stuff you need to do. Don’t forget who you are, what you like and what your goals are. You’d be surprised at how much you can change after you leave campus. Know who you are and stick to it, because a lot of the time it’s what makes people like you and how you get to the top!

If you’d like to get in contact with Lindsey, or have any other questions you can follow her on Twitter @Linds_Jablo. This interview was conducted by Kelsey Darnall (@KelseyJDarnall).


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