PRSSA Has Lunch with John Puckett

On Friday, October 7 a few members from the Philanthropy Committee had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with business extraordinaire John Puckett. Not quite sure who he is? Ever heard of Caribou Coffee? Of course you have! He and his wife, Kim, founded the company back in 1992 with their first shop right here in Edina. They then sold their interest in the late 90’s.

Now he is co-owner of Punch Pizza, where our group was treated to delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas and listened to John discuss his thoughts on life and business. He talked to us about the idea that you “should love what you’re doing because life’s too short.” He decided to follow his dreams with his wife in creating Caribou. By the time they sold their interest in the company they were already loyal patrons to Punch and friendly with its creator, John Sorrano. The two Johns became partners in 2001 and opened Punch’s second restaurant in 2002 and he hasn’t looked back since.

John discussed his ideal that every business needs a focus on detail and commitment before it’s created in order to succeed. For Punch, that meant focusing on the product – which is quite different from our mainstream processed pizzas – and the business side, where John shined in placing the eatery just right.

Punch now has seven metro area locations. While expansion is in mind, they would much rather have a smaller and extremely loyal fan base than global ambition. This is what makes a great business versus a good one.

Meeting John Puckett was an amazing experience. He is down-to-earth, welcoming and was eager to share with us his experiences which have lead him down an amazingly successful road. PRSSA is so excited to be working with John and Punch Pizza this year!

For more information on Punch Pizza check out their website:

This post was written by StacyFahey (@StacyKFahey) and edited by Kelsey Darnall (@KelseyJDarnall).


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