Some Things You Can Never Get Back

I will never again willingly share a room in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my roommate from freshman year! But still, I don’t want to live in an 8 feet x 8 feet box with her ever again. I wasn’t prepared to share a room when I first came to school. I grew up as an only child and never really had to share much of anything with other kids, which made it hard to adjust to sharing practically everything. Luckily for me things worked out well in the end, and I was one of the lucky ones! There were many day-to-day instances regarding the dorm I lived in as a freshman that weren’t what I could call glorious.

The bathroom situation was probably the worst. I don’t know a single person who enjoys wearing shower shoes. It’s pretty disgusting when 18 girls with hair over a foot long share a shower and you find hair clumps stuck to your shower shoes on the daily. At least we always had hot water, though. Well… except for that one weekend when the water heaters quit and I had to walk all the way over to my friend’s apartment to shower.

As much as I missed having my own room that year and as much as I loathed having to use a community shower, I would not trade that year for the world. I don’t know anyone who would. Freshman year is the classic year people tell stories about for the rest of their lives. It is the last year you live under someone else’s rules, but yet somehow you’re still out on your own.  Appreciate the cramped quarters and grimy showers while you can, because growing up can be bittersweet.


This post was written by Kelsey Haukom (@KHauk) and edited/posted by Kelsey Darnall (@KelseyJDarnall).


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